John Oliver Reveals His 3-Year-Old’s Unexpectedly Dark New ‘Obsession’


One of John Oliver’s kids has picked an unexpected ― and very dark ― song as his new favorite.

The “Last Week Tonight” host told Jimmy Fallon on Monday that his 3-year-old son is obsessed with “Under The Bridge,” the 1991 hit by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“It’s the only thing he wants played, it’s the only thing he wants sung to him at night,” Oliver told Fallon, then launched into an impression of his son singing the tune, along with his own commentary:

The song is about a reflection by Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis of a dark time in his life marked by addiction and loneliness. Kiedis wrote in his autobiography that the lyrics were about “when I had nothing in my life, no friends or no places to live, no car or relationship with my family,” according to Radio X.

But as Oliver told Fallon, it’s now his son’s “Baby Shark.”

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