Joe Kelly’s wife takes shot at Lance McCullers


Don’t mess with Joe Kelly. His wife will have none of it.

Ashley Kelly, the Dodger reliever’s significant other, has entered the Astros-Dodgers fray, responding to the idea from Astros pitcher Lance McCullers that Kelly was scared during the altercation between the two teams. Kelly was suspended five games for igniting the benches-clearing incident, throwing at the heads of Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman, as retaliation for the team’s cheating scandal.

“You, McMuffin,” she wrote on Instagram. “Anyone who knows or has played with the ‘skinny motherf–ker’ would know that he would attempt to take on a 300lb offensive lineman knowing that he would lose. He’s not afraid of anyone … especially your pal [who honestly has a nice swing].”

After striking out Correa in the game, Kelly told him: “Nice swing, b—h.”

McCullers citing Kelly keeping his distance from Correa during the dustup as proof he was scared of the Astros infielder.

“I mean, Joe was scared,” he told The Athletic. “Carlos isn’t the right dude to mess with.”

Ashley did write something nice to McCullers, whom she tagged in the post, telling him, “PS cool video montage of yourself coming back from TJ! Wishing you the best of luck Carry on & move forward,” with the peace sign emoji.

Ashley ended the message by writing: “mama ain’t having it today.”

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