Joe Biden Trolls Donald Trump With Some ‘Major Announcements’ Of His Own


On Wednesday, the former president teased that he would drop a “major announcement” on his Truth Social account the next day. With characteristic restraint, he declared in all caps that “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO!”

Some people speculated that Trump might be preparing to announce a run for speaker of the House of Representatives, or that defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake would be his 2024 running mate.

Instead, the “major announcement” was a major anticlimax. Turns out, Trump is introducing a series of “digital trading cards” with his likeness that sell for $99 a pop. Various cards depict Trump as a superhero, an astronaut and a cowboy ― you know, just like in real life.

As might be expected, the “major announcement” that the former president is basically trying to make more money off his supporters attracted lots of Twitter snark and mockery, not least of which came from the current president.

Many Twitter users were also amused.

Others joked they would’ve preferred something a little more Trump-like.

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