Joe Biden Shows Trump How A Real President Acts In Wisconsin


Joe and Jill Biden are in Wisconsin, and unlike Trump, they did not stage a photo-op but met privately with Jacob Blake’s family.

The report from the Biden press pool as provided to PolitcusUSA:

Biden stepped off his plane along with Jill Biden at Milwaukee’s Gen Mitchell Airport at 11:40 am local time. He did not answer questions shouted by pool. He went into an airport building where he is meeting privately with members of the Blake family and their legal team. Here is a list of members in meeting, provided by campaign:

Today Jill and Joe Biden met with the family of Jacob Blake in a private meeting.


Jacob Blake, Sr., Jacob Blake’s father

Letetra Widman, Jacob Blake’s sister

Myron Jackson, Jacob Blake’s brother

Zietha Blake, Jacob Blake’s sister

Julia Jackson, Jacob Blake’s mother (by phone)

Ben Crump, Jacob Blake’s attorney (by phone)

Trump refused to talk to the Blake family after they requested that their attorney Ben Crump be present. Trump said he talked to a family pastor, but Jacob Blake Sr. said that the family does not have a pastor, so they don’t know who Trump spoke to.

Trump went to Wisconsin to stage a photo-op with the hope of inflaming tensions and violence. Joe Biden met privately with the family because the meeting was about them, not his reelection campaign.

Joe Biden acts like a real president, while Trump treats the presidency like a cheap reality show.

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