Jim Carrey’s Wild ‘SNL’ Biden ‘Basks In Trump-lessness’ As He Hits Pause On Alec Baldwin


A wacky Jim Carrey played Joe Biden on “Saturday Night Live” as a barely-in-control candidate at the presidential debate so furious with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump that he’s close to exploding.

“Look man, I’m a nice guy, but if you give me anymore guff, I’ll rip your face off like a mad chimp,” says Carrey’s version of Uncle Joe in the first cold open of “SNL’s” 46th season.

Referring to Trump’s hair, Carrey taps into his inner Grinch and threatens: “I’ll rip that thing off your head and burn it and bury it in the pet cemetery where it came rom.”

But cool Joe quietly talks himself down: “The country’s counting on you Joe! Just stand here and look lucid.”

Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace, played by Beck Bennet, kicked off the debate vowing to do a good job. Then Baldwin’s Trump snaps him down: “Tell that to my Adderall, Chris. Now let’s get this show on the road  — and off the rails.”

Trump complains that the “China virus has been very mean to me in being a hoax,” adding: “That statement will probably come back to haunt me.” He pushes law and order, but admits there are “exceptions” — like his taxes. Maya Rudolph’s Sen. Kamala Harris eventually turns up to calm down the “boys.”

That’s when Carrey wraps up the debate using a remote control that freezes Baldwin mid-sentence.

“Isn’t that satisfying?” Carrey asks. “Just not to hear his voice for a single, goddamned second … Let’s bask in the Trump-lessness.”

He woos: “America … look directly into my eyeballs. Now just imagine if science and karma could some team up to send us all a message about how dangerous this virus can be.”

He peered at still-frozen Baldwin. “I’m not saying I want it to happen. Just imagine it did. So this November, please get on the Biden train … we can all Make America Not Actively on Fire Again.”

Check out the clip above.

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