Jesse Williams Nude Images Leaked From ‘Take Me Out’ Broadway Play


Jesse Williams, an alum of “Grey’s Anatomy,” is going viral for his own anatomy after nude images were leaked from a full-frontal scene in the Broadway play “Take Me Out.”

Video and photos surfaced Monday and quickly trended on Twitter as Williams celebrated his Tony nomination for best performance by a featured actor in a play.

Williams plays a gay baseball star who comes out and is confronted with media glare and teammate resentment. The show includes a shower scene that leaves Williams and others in the cast exposed.

Second Stage’s Hayes Theater has been enforcing safeguards to prevent leaks. Audience members’ phones are locked in cases until the end of the show, but guests are allowed to hold onto the cases during the performance, according to the venue’s website.

As the images were going viral, an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” aired in which the actor downplayed the nudity in his Broadway debut.

“Everybody makes such a big deal,” he told host Andy Cohen. “It’s a body … whatever.”

Cohen then asked if it was “better if you feel good about your penis?”

“I imagine so,” Williams replied. “I don’t.”

He said he was kidding about that.

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