Jaime Harrison Just Showed Why He’s Lindsey Graham’s Worst Nightmare


Jaime Harrison showed why he could beat Lindsey Graham by using healthcare to turn the tables on the incumbent Republican senator.


Harrison said on MSNBC, “Health care, health care, health care, and the coronavirus has only made it worse. You know, again, we have had all of these problems before the coronavirus, and it’s now even worse. And you right now — we have a case sitting in the Supreme Court, will be decided on November 10th whether or not in the midst of this pandemic to rip away health care from 20-some-odd million Americans and Lindsey graham supports that. People are very concerned. This is a state with a lot of folks with pre-existing conditions. Diabetes, heart failures, strokes. We got a lot of seniors. Folks are very concerned their health care will disappear.”

Jaime Harrison didn’t have to tell South Carolina that Lindsey Graham and his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett are the reason why their health care could disappear, because Graham has hinged his entire reelection campaign on getting Barrett.

Harrison is Graham’s worst nightmare. He is a candidate who appeals to one-third of the state’s electorate, and polling has shown that he has won over a lot of voters by talking about local concerns.

There is no substantive difference in messaging between Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaigns, except for Lou Dobbs telling Republicans not to vote for Graham. Both of them ignore the concerns of their constituents and fearmonger about socialism and Democrats. The difference is that Graham doesn’t have the sort of hold on South Carolina that McConnell has on Kentucky.

Win or lose Jaime Harrison has been one of the best Senate Democratic challengers of 2020, and he is showing why he is Lindsey Graham’s worst nightmare to run against.

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