It’ll Be a Really Bad Situation if Covid Cases Aren’t Under 10k per Day in September


By the early part of May, there was some optimism that the U.S. may be turning the corner on the Covid-19 pandemic. But the virus ignited again when a number of states re-opened without following the guidelines outlined by the CDC.

Currently the US is seeing 50,000 to 65,000 new cases each day. According to Anthony Fauci, that number needs to be significantly reduced. The Doctor said during a Monday livestream that if that number doesn’t get closer to 10,000, the country will have a really tough time come Autumn.

“The country continues to log 50,000 to 60,000 new cases a day, suggesting it is right in the middle of the first wave,” Fauci told Dr. Howard Bauchner. “If we don’t get them down, then we’re going to have a really bad situation in the fall.”

The epidemiologist suggested that states can get the numbers down without having to closing down entirely. “You may need to pause, you may need to drop back a little bit. I don’t think you necessarily have to revert to going all the way back to closing.”

The Doctor was also willing to take some of the blame for the country’s current crisis. “We’re not perfect, we did not do everything right, but nobody has done everything right,” he said. “Let’s just be humble enough to know that we all could have done better.”

You can listen to the entire conversation here, courtesy of the Journal of American Medice:

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