Iowa Republican Governor Who Is Virus Quarantine Plans To Reopen The State


    Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) is in “modified” coronavirus quarantine after a meeting with Mike Pence, but she is still planning on reopening her state.

According to Iowa Capital Dispatch:

Gov. Kim Reynolds, now in what she calls “modified quarantine” after possible COVID-19 exposure, said Monday that she intends to take additional steps this week to reopen the state and ease the pandemic-related restrictions on business activity in Iowa.


“We can continue, I think, to lessen the restrictions and open up our state and start to begin — in a very thoughtful, safe and purposeful way — to continue to reopen our economy,” she said.


Asked why she’s continuing to loosen restrictions when testing data from the past week indicates an increase in the number of infected Iowans, Reynolds said, “It’s because of that very testing.”

Just as there is no such thing as a modified pregnancy, modified quarantine does not exist.

Not even being exposed to the virus themselves is enough to change the minds of Trump following elected Republicans. They are going to reopen their states and allow this virus to spread and more people to die because they have convinced themselves that the only chance Trump and the Republican Party have of winning in November is to reopen the economy and convince the American people that there is a level of unnecessary illness and death that’s acceptable.

Republicans aren’t going to stop this bullet train of death, disease, and failure.

A governor who ended up in quarantine after meeting with the Vice President might want to reconsider the loosening of restrictions in their states, but that’s not happening in Iowa, and the blood of the future dead will be on the hands of Kim Reynolds and Donald Trump.

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