In Dueling Town Halls, Trump Throws Tantrums And Biden Behaves Like A Real President


In a pair of dueling town hall events on Thursday night, Donald Trump acted like an irritated toddler while Joe Biden behaved like the next president of the United States.

On a range of topics, Trump alternated between telling outright lies and throwing tantrums because he didn’t like the questions.

In the opening moments of the town hall, Trump seemed to suggest that he may have shown up at the first presidential debate without getting tested for COVID-19. This despite the fact that each of the candidates were required to be tested before the event.

When Savannah Guthrie questioned the president about his refusal to embrace masks, Trump immediately started spewing lies and suggested that maybe face coverings aren’t that effective.

When Guthrie pointed out that America leads the world in the number of COVID-19 deaths, Trump threw a tantrum and started rambling about the virus in other countries.

Trump called the U.S. death toll, which now stands at over 220,000, a “winner.”

One of Trump’s biggest implosions came when – no surprise – he was asked about his repeated hesitance to denounce white supremacy.

“Oh, you always do this,” Trump huffed and puffed before claiming that he’s denounced white supremacy for years. “You didn’t ask Joe Biden whether or not he denounces Antifa.”

Trump also refused to denounce QAnon, a deranged conspiracy theory.

On the issue of his tax returns, Trump again refused to commit to releasing them, saying he was under audit.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden behaved like a president

As Donald Trump immediately went off the rails at his town hall event on NBC News, Joe Biden was on ABC behaving like an adult president.

When faced with difficult questions – even from Trump supporters – the former vice president didn’t go off the rails and lose his cool. Instead, he respectfully answered their questions and sought to clear up their concerns.

Two examples came when Biden was asked by Trump voters about tax policy and a coronavirus vaccine.

While the two candidates didn’t share the same stage on Thursday night, the contrast was crystal clear.

Donald Trump acted like a petulant child, while Joe Biden behaved like a commander-in-chief.

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