“I Will Speak Directly to the American People” Biden Says he Won’t Tweet if Elected


Twitter is still a pretty new form of communication. The social media site was created in 2006, but George W. Bush didn’t have much use for it. Barack Obama utilized the service, but only to make major announcements.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, does a fair amount of his communication via the website. This weekend alone, Trump sent out nearly 100 tweets, talking about everything from college football to unrest in Wisconsin.

During a Tuesday interview with Jon Delano from Pittsburgh’s KDKA the former Vice President was asked if he would be using the site.

Biden responded, “I am not a tweeter. I’m going to speak to the American people directly. I’m not engaged in trying to foment hatred and division. It’s about uniting the country.”

The Democratic candidate was also asked about his upcoming travel plans as we get closer to the November election.

He responded, “The American people are looking for responsible leadership on COVID. They’ve shared sacrifice, missing weddings, funerals…they should expect the same responsibility coming from their president or a presidential candidate. But I’ll be there. I promise you I’m coming.”

Republicans and Conservative media have made a point of criticizing Biden for not being on the campaign trail as much as Trump has.

This morning on Fox and Friends, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Tucker Carlson mocked Biden for delivering yesterday’s address with no supporters present.

A Biden spokesperson said in a statement, “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Biden campaign is following the guidance of scientists and health experts. The safety and well-being of all Americans is our first priority.”

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