Hotter-than-average summer predicted for most of the US


US forecasters are predicting another scorching hot summer with most of the country facing steamier-than-average temperatures.

The Weather Company’s summer forecast said it will be unusually warm from June to August in most regions of the country — predicted in part due to changing ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

Cooling sea-surface temperatures have been observed in the ocean, indicating there could be a possible La Nina brewing later this year. The rare phenomenon, which is linked with floods and droughts, is often proceeded by sizzling summer weather.

“Historically, some of our hottest summers have come during La Niña transitions, including 2005, 2010 and 2016,” said Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company, according to the report.

Crawford said the model predicted hotter than average temperatures, particularly across the Northeast and Western regions.

Meanwhile, the Northern and Central Plains could get some reprieve from the heat thanks to soil moisture, which remains particularly high and can offset the boiling weather.

But Crawford noted that the spring didn’t bring as much rain as last year’s historic season, suggesting that this summer will still be warmer in comparison, according to the report.

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