Herschel Walker Says Donald Trump Jr. And Ivanka Trump Get Their Intelligence From Him


Herschel Walker claimed that Trump kids Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump got their intelligence from him because he spent so much time with them.

Video of Walker:

Walker said, “I don’t know if you all know this, but I’ve known Donald before he became The Donald. As a matter of fact, Little Ivanka and Little Donald, they were with me for a week for five years during the summer. I was the one to take every amusement park, Disney World, Sea World, and every place they went. I kept them for a week, so the intelligence of those two kids right there, not from Donald.”

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What kind of parents would allow two of their kids to disappear with Herschel Walker for weeks at a time?

The adult Trump kids seem pretty screwed up,  and vacationing with Uncle Herschel might explain a lot.

Walker has kids of his own that won’t even admit exist, yet he was running around Disney World with Trump’s kids.

Herschel Walker is basically taking credit for the intelligence of two of Trump’s kids.

Georgia only has a few more days left until its Herschel Walker Senate campaign nightmare ends.

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