Google Maps sleuths spot Bigfoot, ‘giant snakes’


An eagle-eyed TikToker has found shots of mythical and frightening creatures on Google Street View.

A shocking Bigfoot look-a-like and giant snakes were spotted by Google’s cameras.

The TikTok was posted by @googlemapsfun, a popular account with over eight million followers.

“A Google Street View user was searching in the woods of Russia when he suddenly discovered something very mysterious,” the digitized voice-over said.

The poster zoomed in on an ape-like figure that’s a dead giveaway for Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

While some are intrigued by the video, the top comment is skeptical – a user wrote the Bigfoot figure is a “man in a bigfoot suit who knew Google was coming”.

The video shifts countries and goes from Russian forests to the coast of France.

A 30-meter spindly figure can be seen partially burrowed in the sand.

Set to ominous music, the voice-over said “users believe this to be a giant snake … bigger than any snake ever caught before.”

While it may be fun to believe, this “creature” is actually the Serpent d’océan, a massive aluminum sculpture set in the Loire River.

In France, the TikToker found a 30-meter long spindly figure that can be seen partially burrowed in the sand.
TikTok / GoogleMapsFun

The last portion of the video lands in Indonesia, a collection of islands north of Australia.

A massive, curling figure is spotted just beneath the murky waters’ surface.

One of the largest snakes ever recorded was a 23-foot reticulated python in Indonesia – the snake swallowed a woman whole.

A massive, curling figure is spotted just beneath the murky waters’ surface.
The TikToker also found a massive, curling figure just beneath the waters’ surface in Indonesia.
TikTok / GoogleMapsFun

“If you don’t want to get attacked by giant snakes, I would suggest you do not visit these dangerous-seeming places,” the voiceover concluded.

Spotting irregular occurrences and shady figures is a popular TikTok genre.

@googlemapsfun’s video has over 225,000 likes on TikTok to date.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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