GM unveils first electric Hummer ‘supertruck’ for $113,000


General Motors has resurrected its gas-guzzling Hummer SUV as an all-electric “supertruck” — souped up with high-tech features and a price to match.

The Detroit automaker on Tuesday unveiled the first of four Hummer models that it will produce to compete with Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck in the budding electric pickup market.

The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 is the top-of-the-line version, offering a battery range of more than 350 miles and a three-motor, 1,000-horsepower four-wheel-drive system.

It will also come loaded with features “developed to challenge tough obstacles and terrain,” such as a “CrabWalk” steering system that will let the truck drive diagonally over difficult ground.

“We had one goal for Hummer EV: Build the most capable factory truck — ever,” Al Oppenheiser, GMC’s chief engineer for the Hummer EV, said in a statement, calling his creation “an absolute off-road beast.”

With a starting retail price of $112,595, the Hummer will be far more expensive than Tesla’s high-end Cybertruck, which will boast a range of more than 500 miles for $69,900. But that hefty price tag didn’t stop reservations for the Hummer from filling up within hours after they opened Tuesday night.

GM aims to start producing the Edition 1 — which will be the first all-electric vehicle in GMC’s portfolio — in late 2021 at its Factory ZERO facility in Detroit. The automaker expects to roll out three lower-priced Hummers in the coming years, starting with a $99,995 version in fall 2022, followed by a $89,995 truck in spring 2023 and a $79,995 model in spring 2024.

GM is one of several automakers trying to electrify the lucrative pickup truck market in the US. Ford is developing an electric version of its F-150 — the nation’s top-selling vehicle — as newer players such as Tesla and Rivian roll out their own models.

GM is also in talks to manufacture the Badger pickup model for Nikola, the Phoenix-based electric-vehicle startup that’s been plagued by fraud and sexual assault allegations against its founder and former chairman, Trevor Milton. The two companies announced a $2 billion partnership last month, but they have yet to formally close the deal.

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