Georgia Voters To Appeal Sec. Of State’s Decision To Keep Marjorie Taylor Greene On The Ballot


After Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger affirmed the opinion of a judge that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a qualified candidate, Georgia voters announced that they would be appealing.

Georgia Secretary Of State Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Qualified To Be On The Ballot

The Secretary of State wrote in his decision:

Judge Beaudrot issued his Initial Decision on May 6, 2022, finding that Challengers have failed to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence and that Respondent is qualified to be a candidate for Representative for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. Judge Beaudrot’s Initial Decision and Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law are hereby ADOPTED.

Therefore, IT IS HEREBY DECIDED that Respondent MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE is QUALIFIED to be a candidate for the office of United States Representative for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. SO DECIDED, this 6th day of May, 2022.

Georgia Voters Will Be Appealing To Get  Marjorie Taylor Greene Disqualified

Voters had urged the Secretary of State to reject the judge’s recommendation and disqualify Greene from the ballot.

In a brief statement provided to PoliticusUSA, the group representing the voters, Free Speech For People, said, “The Georgia Secretary of State has affirmed the recommendation of the administrative law judge. We will be appealing this decision to the Georgia Superior Court.”

The process to disqualify a candidate in Georgia is not a short one. Greene is not out of the woods yet. The voters still need to prove that Rep. Greene was directly involved in the insurrection.

1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has stated that the committee “knows things” about Greene. However, it is unknown whether those things will be enough evidence to disqualify Greene from the ballot or whether they will emerge before this case reaches its end.`

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