Georgia Drivers Upset After Filling Their Tanks With Wrong Liquid At Gas Station


An error at a Georgia gas station caused a number of problems for drivers who filled up their tanks at the location.

A Murphy USA gas station said diesel fuel mistakenly placed in the wrong tank caused a number of drivers to “unknowingly” fill up with the wrong fuel, WTVC reported.

″I got out on the interstate or on the highway and it was sluggish … just not acting right you know kind of bogging down,” said Marty Walker about their car.

The gas-powered car’s engine can still run if diesel is placed in the tank, however, this is because it is “still running on” remaining gas, the website said.

The company, in a statement to WTVC, said it intends to “make things right” for customers affected by the error.

WTVC reported seeing workers replacing the gas station’s tank on Friday.

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