Fox News Poll Shows Electoral Bloodbath Brewing As Biden Holds Big Leads In The Midwest


A new set of polls released by Fox News on Thursday shows that an electoral bloodbath could be brewing as Joe Biden holds big leads over Donald Trump in three key midwestern states.

According to the Fox data, Biden is way ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania (+11), Michigan (+9) and Minnesota (+13).

In Pennsylvania, Biden’s lead grew by three percentage points – from 8 to 11 – since Fox’s last poll in April. In Michigan, Biden’s edge over Trump expanded from eight points to nine points.

Minnesota is a state that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016, but the Trump campaign has said they will compete there this time around. This poll indicates that it would likely be a waste of time and resources for the president to even set foot in Minnesota over the next three months.

The Fox News survey comes after Trump’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen Reports, released data this week showing Biden ahead in both Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Trump is barely hitting 40 percent

What’s also alarming for Donald Trump across a multitude of polls is that he is struggling to reach 40 percent – a dangerous place for a well-known, incumbent president – while Joe Biden is at or near majority support nationally and across many battleground states.

On Thursday, for example, Quinnipiac University released a poll showing Biden leading by 13 points in Florida. The former VP clocked in at 51 percent while Trump stands at a dismal 38 percent.

Nationally, RealClearPolitics shows similarly poor numbers for the president, with Biden leading Trump by nearly 9 points, 49.6 percent to 40.9 percent.

There are just over three months until the election, but Donald Trump is the worst polling incumbent president in decades. If the race doesn’t shift quickly and heavily in his favor, he could be headed toward an electoral bloodbath.

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