Former Nets star Kenny Anderson regaining memory after stroke


Former Nets point guard Kenny Anderson, who suffered a stroke nearly 15 months ago, revealed he suffered memory loss from the incident.

“I’m feeling fine, I’m getting back to normal,’’ Anderson said on an appearance to be aired on the YES Network Wednesday night. “Before everything with the coronavirus went on, I was going to the doctor here at Vanderbilt, you know once a week, every Thursday to just get some of my memory back.

“God, you know that it could have been worse, but it was just a blessing, man.”

Anderson, the 49-year-old former playmaking stud from Queens, has resumed his coaching duties at Fisk University in Nashville. And he’s kept up with the newest Nets’ point-guard star in Kyrie Irving.

“I see me, but he’s a different,’’ Anderson said in an interview conducted by Ian Eagle. “He’s better than me, man. He’s just awesome. He’s awesome with the ball, he’s clever with the ball, he can shoot, he can penetrate. He can do it all, man. He’s just an awesome player,. He’s awesome.”

Anderson only played for the Nets in East Rutherford, N.J. — long before their eventual move to Brooklyn. He wishes the Nets were in Kings County when he wore their jersey from 1991-95.

“Yeah, I really love it,’’ Anderson said of the Brooklyn move in 2012-13.

“I wish I was back playing,’’ Anderson said. “I wish the ‘Brooklyn Nets’ would have drafted me and I would have been down the block, Lefrak City. Come on, man. I just love it. Brooklyn is great. It’s great that they have an NBA team.’’

And Anderson thinks the Nets will make their real mark in the borough in 2020-21 — whenever Barclays Center is allowed to reopen for fans.

“They’re gonna be the loudest team in New York next year when they start playing back because they’ve got Kyrie, they’ve got Kevin Durant and the building right there,’’ Anderson said. “They’re going to be awesome. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome, I love it. I love to see the Nets where they at right now. It looks good.”

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