Five reasons why Knicks fans should care about NBA’s restart


The Knicks aren’t in Orlando, but there are still reasons for Knicks fans to care about the NBA’s 22-team restart. Here are five:

1. Like a spurned lover, Knicks fans chirp on Twitter how they don’t give a hoot how Kristaps Porzingis is making out. Of course they really do care. KP6 is making his playoff debut for Dallas and schadenfreude will flow if the 7-foot-3 Latvian labors.

2. Rooting for the Clippers to lose all of their meaningless eight regular-season games is a thing. The Knicks own the Clippers’ 2020 first-round pick from the Marcus Morris trade and currently they would select 27th. Even moving to 25th could make a big difference. Checking in on Morris adjusting to the Clippers also is a fun exercise. Morris will be a free agent.

3. Portland and Oklahoma City are in Disney World, and Knicks rooters can scout “Skinny Melo’’ (Carmelo Anthony) and CP3 (Chris Paul). Leon Rose’s two favorite former clients should be in play this offseason.

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo AnthonyNBAE via Getty Images

4. It’s a long shot, but what happens if this weird set of bubble circumstances with no home-court advantage leads to Anthony Davis’ Lakers crumbling in the second round with 35-year-old LeBron James looking his age. Would AD opt out and seek less-purple pastures?

5. You shouldn’t care at all once the playoffs start in mid-August. You know why? The Knicks will likely be granted at least a couple of weeks of “OTAs’’ (Organized Team Activities) to get Tom Thibodeau acquainted with his new players. Those minicamps, however, are voluntary.

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