Fani Willis Signals August Georgia Indictment For Trump’s Crew


In a new letter, Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis signaled an August timeline for indictments of Trump’s gang that tried to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hinted that she might seek indictments in early to mid-August in her long-running inquiry of former President Donald Trump and his allies.

The timetable was disclosed in a Thursday letter to Ural Glanville, Fulton Superior Court’s chief judge, and 20 other county officials. Willis listed 10 days between July 31 and August 18 in which she plans to direct a large percentage of her staff to work remotely.

“This remote work will reduce the number of Fulton County District Attorney’s office staff in the Fulton County Courthouse and Government Center by approximately 70%,” Willis noted, adding that only her leadership team, armed investigators and a couple of other teams will be working in the building those days.

The Georgia indictments will come in the same month as the first 2024 Republican primary debate. Donald Trump has already threatened to skip the debate which will be hosted by Fox News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The indictments have the potential to knock the first debate of the 2024 election cycle out of the headlines.

Willis’s timeline matches up with when two grand juries will be meeting at the Fulton County courthouse, as it looks like Donald Trump is going to escape the summer without more indictments coming his way.

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