Elon Musk could move Twitter HQ out of San Francisco


Twitter boss Elon Musk could potentially move the company headquarters out of San Francisco after the city launched an investigation into reports that part of its corporate offices were converted into makeshift sleeping quarters for overworked employees.

Musk publicly chafed at the decision by San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection to probe complaints that Twitter could be violating zoning regulations.

He has also claimed the company’s location in the ultra-liberal bastion could pose an obstacle to his goal of restoring “free speech” to the platform.

“What is happening is an export of the moral framework of San Francisco to Earth,” Musk said during a Twitter Spaces conference Saturday cited by Bloomberg News. “This is kind of a big deal and problematic.”

Twitter, which was founded in San Francisco in 2006, has been at its Market Street location in the downtown Civic Center section since 2011. The lease on its headquarters, which occupies 379,000 square feet, expires in 2028, according to the San Francisco Standard.

The Post has sought comment from Musk.

The Tesla CEO has a history of uprooting his companies from California after feuding with the state over business regulations.

Twitter headquarters is located in the Civic Center section of downtown San Francisco.
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Last year, he moved Tesla headquarters from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas, after publicly excoriating California officials for imposing COVID regulations that required companies to shutter their factories.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has said that the Lone Star State would welcome Twitter with open arms should Musk choose to relocate the company there.

Musk has made no secret of his distaste for the City by the Bay. He posted a tweet on Tuesday that specifically tagged the city’s Democratic mayor, London Breed.

“So city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl,” Musk tweeted.

“Where are your priorities @LondonBreed!?”

The tweet included a link to a San Francisco Chronicle story about a 10-month-old infant who accidentally overdosed on fentanyl that was found on a local playground.

Musk has made no secret of his distaste for the Bay Area's political leanings.
Musk has made no secret of his distaste for the Bay Area’s political leanings.
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A spokesperson for Breed told Bloomberg: “Our Department of Building Inspection is required to investigate complaints when they are filed and determine if there are any violations that have occurred.”

“It’s a basic government responsibility.”

A representative for San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection said officials needed “to make sure the building is being used as intended.”

Last year, Musk relocated the headquarters of his electric car company, Tesla, from the Bay Area to Texas.
Last year, Musk relocated the headquarters of his electric car company, Tesla, from the Bay Area to Texas.

“There are different building code requirements for residential buildings, including those being used for short-term stays,” department spokesperson Patrick Hannan said in a statement.

“Everyone in San Francisco deserves a safe place to live, work, play and sleep, and no one is above the law.”

The existence of the converted bedrooms was first reported by Forbes.

As The Post reported in November, Twitter employee Esther Crawford was previously photographed while resting in a sleeping bag at the company’s offices.

The picture surfaced as Musk pushed tight deadlines for his overhauled “Twitter Blue” subscription service.

Since taking over Twitter more than a month ago, Musk has reinstated the accounts of former President Donald Trump, controversial author Jordan Peterson and the satirical news site Babylon Bee.

This week, he fired Twitter lawyer Jim Baker for his “possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue” after the social media site’s infamous crackdown on The Post’s blockbuster, October 2020 revelation of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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