‘Don’t bottle that s–t up’


Camila Cabello is continuing to keep it real when it comes to her mental health.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, the “Psychofreak” songstress opened up about how being completely honest on her new album “Familia” led her to a path of mental healing.

“It just made me so much more open and vulnerable in my friendships, and then in my performances, and then in my interviews,” the 25-year-old singer said. “It had this domino effect on every other area of my life.”

Cabello, who is Latina, said openly discussing mental health in some cultures can still be seen as “weak,” which is another reason she’s become so vocal.

“Having these conversations — especially in the Latin community — I feel like I want to talk about it more in Spanish and with that community too,” she continued. “Even talking about it with my family, it’s so different.”

Camila Cabello released her third solo album, “Familia,” last month.

Cabello has previously talked about being in the “worst mental state ever” before the coronavirus pandemic, but found a new groove thanks to therapy, the album and a newfound sense of self after her breakup with fellow pop star Shawn Mendes, 23.

“There are different degrees to which people struggle with mental health, but I think, whether it’s life-changing or life-saving, when you bottle that s–t up, and you pretend, it eats away at your health,” she told the rock magazine.

The former Fifth Harmony star — who was a musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” last month — announced Monday that she will headline the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 EUFA Champions League final in Paris on May 28.

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