Donald Trump Jr. Loses It And Looks Ready To Cry On Fox News


Donald Trump Jr. got emotional and looked to be on the verge of crying as he talked about the failed Hunter Biden scandal and his dad’s impeachment.


Trump Jr. got emotional as he talked about Hunter Biden’s laptop and how his daddy was impeached for trying to extort Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden.

Donald Trump Jr.’s behavior on Fox News was the slow dawning of the realization that Donald Trump is losing to Joe Biden, and their efforts to smear the Democratic candidate with Russian disinformation and conspiracy theories have completely failed.

There is no Comey letter or Wikileaks email dumps coming to save Donald Trump in 2020.

It is all crashing to the ground as it looks like the political dynasty that Donald Trump Sr. was hoping to build could be facing a humiliating defeat, as a family that has brainwashed on Trump’s mythology of winning is confronting the possibility that the name Trump will go down in US history as one of biggest presidential losers of all time.

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