Disabled Voters Strongly Break For Biden In Big Shift From 2016


In 2016, the disabled community and disabled voters were split, but in 2020, these voters have moved strongly to Joe Biden.

The disabled community is an increasingly powerful and growing voting bloc with over 38 million eligible voters and millions of more Americans living with someone who has a disability, this community has the ability to influence elections.

The first results of a new poll from the non-partisan organization RespectAbility conducted by both a Democratic and a Republican pollster suggest a big shift toward Joe Biden.

In 2016, the disabled community was split 49% for Hillary Clinton, and 46% for Donald Trump.

In the 2020 presidential and Senate Battleground Tracker made up of 16 swing states, People with disabilities support Joe Biden over Donald Trump 60%-35%. The broader disabled community supports Biden over Trump by the same 25 point margin.

Healthcare (45%/46%), the economy (43%/44%), and managing the coronavirus pandemic (32%/34%) are the top three issues for both persons with disabilities about the broader disabled community.

This poll echoes other polling that suggests a fundamental shift is happening within the 2020 electorate. As a person with a disability, the challenges the threat of losing health insurance coverage is a powerful one for people who have lifelong preexisting conditions and before the Affordable Care Act struggled to have adequate insurance coverage.

The RespectAbility poll is a reminder that the 2020 election is likely to be decided on the very personal issues of health and healthcare.

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