DeAndre Baker’s legal issues go well beyond Giants decisions


It will be shocking if DeAndre Baker ever suits up again for the Giants, given the arrest warrant issued by the Miramar Police Department, charging Baker with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault.

After reviewing the affidavit to arrest filed in Broward County, it will be shocking if Baker ever again steps foot on the field as an NFL player. At 22 years old, he likely has flushed his career away because of an incident late Wednesday night in Miami.

Here is a lowdown on the situation:

– If Baker was, as witness say, holding a semiautomatic weapon, he could face a mandatory minimum of 15 years for each of the four armed robbery charges under Florida law if convicted. New York has much stiffer gun laws than Florida but Florida imposes harsher penalties for armed robbery. Plea deals could lower the sentence.

“I see a player who seems to be facing serious trouble,’’ David Touger, New York-based criminal defense attorney, told The Post. “You have eye-witnesses who seem to know him. This guy takes out a gun, threatens people. If they really have witnesses saying he said ‘Shoot that guy’ that’s a real crime. That’s heavy stuff.’’

– At some point, the Giants could wash their hands of this and cut Baker. It would be a surprise if it happened today, before Baker had the opportunity to respond to the allegations and before any sort of due process is put in motion. The NFL could take this out of the hands of the Giants. These charges will trigger the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. In the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, initial disciplinary rulings are made by a neutral party that is approved by the league and the NFL Players Association. In the past, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made those rulings.

– Here is something to watch out for today (assuming Baker finds himself a lawyer and turns himself in): We should be able to tell how seriously law enforcement and the government wants to go after Baker by the bail application. If it is fairly nominal and he is instructed to return to court in a month or so, it is an indication the warrant looks worse than it actually might be. If the bail is set high – think $250,000 or $300,000 or even higher – it is an indication this case is as bad as it looks and there is greater urgency to lock Baker up right now.

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– Baker was thought to be a top 15-20 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft but would have slid out of the first round entirely if the Giants did not trade up into the back end of the first round to get him at No. 30 overall, sending to the Seahawks three draft picks (second, fourth and fifth rounds). Why the slide? Reports circulated Baker did not do well in his interviews during the pre-draft process. Some did not appreciate that he opted to sit out Georgia’s Sugar Bowl loss to Texas – although Baker was on the sideline watching that game in New Orleans. There were the whispers of “character issues’’ that sometimes circulate about young guys from rough neighborhoods. Whatever the Giants uncovered in their vetting of Baker did not dissuade them from trading up to get him. He certainly was not a pro’s pro as a rookie, struggling on the field and in the meeting room. And now, this.

– Kirby Smart, the Georgia head coach, recently told The Post “I love DeAndre’’ but he did admit Baker is not cut from the same cloth as another former Bulldogs player, Andrew Thomas, the offensive tackle the Giants selected with the No. 4 pick in this year’s draft.

“He was a very different personality,’’ Smart said of Baker. “He and Andrew would be similar in that they both don’t love to talk to the media a whole bunch. Neither of those two kids grew up doing that all the time. DeAndre is different than Andrew, DeAndre comes from a little tougher background, he’s from Miami, he grew up down there and he never wanted to be in the limelight, he didn’t enjoy doing the interviews. Andrew probably enjoys it a little more. They’re different kids, they’re both quiet.’’

– It makes so much sense for the Giants to now pivot and sign Logan Ryan that failing to do should prompt an investigation. Ryan, 29, is coming off one of his best seasons, with a career-high 113 tackles and also four interceptions for the Titans. This is a player new Giants head coach Joe Judge knows well, as Ryan spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Patriots when Judge ran the special teams in New England. Ryan is a two-time Super Bowl winner, played at Eastern Regional High School in Voorhees, N.J., went to Rutgers and is squeaky-clean as a player and person. Sure, there is not much of a market for him in free agency, which is why he remains unsigned, and the Jets have expressed interest. The Giants should jump in.

– The Giants screwed up a few years ago dealing with the Josh Brown domestic abuse incident, leaving their young head coach, Ben McAdoo, to be the voice for the organization even though this was out of his realm. That was unfair to McAdoo, as then-general manager Jerry Reese or co-owner John Mara should have stepped up to explain the franchise’s position. It is safe to assume in the DeAndre Baker incident the same mistake will not be made with rookie head coach Joe Judge.

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