Cris Carter: Tom Brady’s Dad Said He Worried Son Wouldn’t Stop Playing


Tom Brady’s father once compared his legendary son to a little boy playing outside who refuses to come home, according to former NFL receiver Cris Carter. The remark hinted that the elder Brady wanted his son to retire. (Watch the video below.)

Carter, a Hall of Famer, said on FanDuel TV’s “Up & Adams” this week that he chatted with Tom Brady Sr. before the Tampa Bay quarterback’s last Super Bowl victory in 2021.

“The night before the game, I happen to meet up with Tom Brady’s dad and asked him what he thought about the game, the opportunity to win again,” Carter told host Kay Adams. “He said the only thing he’s worried about is the kid, the kid won’t go home. He said ‘the kid is outside still playing, and he won’t come in. It’s raining, everything.’ He said, ‘I am only afraid the kid won’t stop playing even if he wins.’ He won that game and he’s still playing.”

Tom Brady Sr. told HuffPost on Thursday that he “didn’t remember that comment at all.”

The younger Brady is enduring a difficult season after he called off his retirement. His performance has fallen off, the Buccaneers are 6-7 and he went through a divorce.

Earlier this year, Tom Brady Sr. blamed the media for pressuring his son into making a premature retirement announcement. But Carter’s story suggests that at one point, the dad might have thought the near-certain Hall of Famer should call it a career.

Carter said the adulation Brady receives for playing in the NFL is “a drug and he’s got it. He’s got it bad.”

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