Courteney Cox ‘Double-Protecting’ Against Coronavirus AND Murder Hornets


The so-called murder hornet is currently no threat to TV stars in Los Angeles, but Courteney Cox is ready just in case.

The “Friends” alum showed off her protective gear in a funny exchange on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

When Kimmel complimented her face-shield “headwear,” Cox replied, “This is for that big wasp, that murder bee or whatever it’s called.”

Kimmel correctly noted it’s the “murder hornet,” the Asian giant hornet that has been spotted in Washington state and is capable of killing humans with enough stings. (It’s a far bigger threat to honeybees, though.)

Kimmel jokingly asked if Cox has now moved on from the coronavirus, but she replied that she is “double-protecting.”

The “9 Months With Courtney Cox” presenter previously appeared fully armed against possible virus infection during a recent shopping run. After expressing a fear of shopping during the outbreak, the star was photographed wearing the same face shield, plus a mask, gloves and sweats that covered her whole body.

“There could be a nuclear dirty bomb, and you’d be OK wearing that outfit,” Kimmel said.

“So far, so good,” Cox responded. “Knock on wood.”

Watch the interview above to find out more about Cox’s poblano pepper turkey burger and why she doesn’t want a fart book from her daughter, Coco, for Mother’s Day.

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