Cop rolls bike over protester’s head during Breonna Taylor demonstration


A Seattle cop was filmed rolling his bicycle over a man’s helmeted head as he lay down on the street during violent Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the decision not to charge cops for Breonna Taylor’s death.

The dungaree-wearing protester — called “trumpet man” by others in the crowd — was shown prone on the ground more than once as groups of bike cops pushed the mob back after declaring the march an unlawful protest.

As the officers advanced another time, one appeared to have had enough — and steered his bike’s wheels over the protester’s white safety helmet, according to a CJTV Media live stream. The officer — who was walking the bike at the time — then appeared to use it to hit another man to stop him getting too close.

Seattle police said it was “aware” of the video.

“This matter will be referred to the Office of Police Accountability for further investigation,” the force said in a press statement.

It was not immediately clear if the protester was injured or had been charged, although videos on social media showed officers appearing to arrest him.

It came as police say “multiple officers” were injured — including one bike cop filmed getting hit over the head with a baseball bat — during a fiery night where 13 were arrested in what was ruled an unlawful assembly.

Police say they were “assaulted with bottles and rocks” and numerous fires were started in the street. They responded with tear gas and “blast balls,” the force said.

The Emerald City had seen much of the worst violence during initial Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the police custody death of George Floyd in May.

It was one of many US cities to see heightened protests Wednesday after the Kentucky grand jury’s decision to clear police officers of wrongdoing over the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. Demonstrators also marched in New York, Portland, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Philadelphia, while two officers were shot in Taylor’s hometown of Lousiville.

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