Congressman Elect Says He Will Tell Marjorie Taylor Greene She Is A Danger To America To Her Face


Congressman-Elect Robert Garcia (D-CA) said he would tell Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to her face that she is a clear and present danger to America and the Constitution.

The congressman-elect tweeted:

People like Garcia are how the majority of the nation will deal with coup plotting threats to the country, like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Rep. Greene should never be normalized or treated like her behavior and anti-democracy beliefs are acceptable because some people in rural Georgia voted to send her to the House.

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Members of Congress should make it a point to remind Greene and the nation that her extremism is a threat every single day.

The fact that Kevin McCarthy struck a deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene and promised to elevate her speaks volumes about the lack of decency and patriotism in the current Republican Party.

Congressman-elect Garcia will be the first openly gay immigrant to serve in Congress, and he is showing that he is coming to DC ready to look Marjorie Taylor Greene in the eye and call out her extremism.

For more on Garcia, watch this interview he recently did with Fox 11 in Los Angeles:

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