Congress Demands To Know From Fired IG About Trump’s Illegal Saudi Arms Deal


Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that Congress needs to know now about any illegal activity in Trump’s Saudi arms deal from the fired State Department IG.

Sen. Murphy said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Trump Administration’s justification for bypassing the congressional review process for Saudi arms sales was always extremely suspect, and if Inspector General Linick found out the real reason, then Congress needs to know now. It would be an abuse of the law if Secretary Pompeo invoked the emergency authority as a pretext to avoid an embarrassing vote in Congress.

The American people deserve to understand why this administration is transferring record numbers of arms to the Saudis and refusing to use those sales as leverage to get them to change their behavior. The State Department’s decision to circumvent Congress on the last arms sale was just another sign that something is not right, and before we proceed with any future arms sales, we need to understand if there was any wrongdoing connected to the last one.

The real story for why Steve Linick was fired late on a Friday night is starting to come into focus. Linick was fired because he was investigating, and possibly completed his investigation into the Trump multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Congressional Democrats are already digging around, and there is now nothing stopping former IG Linnick from appearing in front of Congress and telling the country what he uncovered.

Even as he unleashes a pandemic and collapses the economy, Donald Trump has still found time for illegality and corruption.

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