College Football Analyst’s Wife Joke Doesn’t Get Giggles From His Colleague


A college football halftime show got interesting on Saturday when one analyst wasn’t feeling a joke his colleague made about his wife.

The trouble started after Benjamin Watson, part of the SEC Network’s halftime report during the Florida vs. Vanderbilt game, weighed in on a discussion about suit choices during the broadcast.

Watson, who wore a light blue suit as opposed to his colleagues’ dark-colored suits, said his choice of suit doesn’t matter as long as his wife texts him and confirms he looks good on the program.

Watson’s remark, however, was quickly countered with a joke that seemingly didn’t go so well with him.

“Send me the text, babe. Send me the text,” Watson pleaded.

“It’s not the one she sent me,” said fellow analyst Peter Burns, who received a boisterous reaction from his colleagues.

A straight-faced Watson later walked back onto the set after a commercial break to join the analysts table, which notably didn’t include Burns.

You can watch a clip of the joke and Watson’s reaction below.

The two later appeared to quash their on-air beef, however, as Burns tweeted out a picture of the two alongside the hashtag “Friendship.”

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