Chris Wallace Challenges Lara Trump On Possible White House ‘Super-Spreader’ Night


Nearly 1,500 people sat in chairs shoulder-to-shoulder on the White House South Lawn to hear President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, and almost no one wore face masks, ignoring health guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Participants said they weren’t even checked for or asked about COVID-19 symptoms, including coughing, before they were allowed to enter the grounds.

Lara Trump, campaign adviser and wife of the president’s middle son, Eric, shrugged off concerns — and any responsibility if attendees contracted COVID-19 as a result.

“People packed in, very few masks, no social distancing,” Wallace described the night in his interview with Trump on “Fox News Sunday.” “Lara, is the president just going to ignore the public health guidelines?” he asked, referring to the many expected rallies and meetings the president is planning for the coming weeks.

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