Chris Cuomo Hits Trump’s Coronavirus Claims With A Blunt Reality Check


President Donald Trump on Monday said the nation has “met the moment and we have prevailed” when it comes to coronavirus testing.

Banners at the White House even declared that “America leads the world in testing,” but CNN’s Chris Cuomo wasn’t buying it.

“Why are governors today begging the president for money to test and trace?” he asked. “The only thing that we have the most of in this world is deaths when it comes to COVID.” 

Indeed, the United States has the highest death toll from the infection, passing 80,000 on Monday. And when it comes to testing, America is well below a number of nations on a per capita basis, including Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. 

Cuomo warned Trump that this was “no time to pretend” as none of the states reopening had the capacity to test and trace those who may be ill to stop new outbreaks. And he called out the president for his shifting rhetoric on testing. 

See more of his monologue below:

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