Chris And Andrew Cuomo Pause On-Air Sibling Rivalry To Share Sweet Moment


The Cuomo brothers pressed pause on their routine on-air banter to share the love in an endearing exchange Wednesday night on CNN.

During an interview, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) gave viewers another show of the brotherly bickering that’s become commonplace during their regular interviews amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair were discussing the governor’s plans to reopen parts of New York and President Donald Trump’s criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for his caution against reopening schools too soon.

Andrew Cuomo argued that Fauci’s science-based approach has led to him becoming the nation’s most credible source of information about the pandemic, according to polls. The governor believed his own approach was similar.

“I’m all about facts. And when I do offer a political opinion, I say it’s an opinion. And I pivot, and I say here’s my opinion, I have problems with family members,” he quipped, keeping a straight face.

“No, that’s a fact. You do have problems with people in your family. That is a fact. They certainly have problems with you,” the younger Cuomo fired back.

His brother replied: “Only you.”

Laughing, Chris Cuomo wrapped up the segment and, in all seriousness, thanked the governor for his ongoing efforts to fight the pandemic.

He signed off: “Thank you for coming on the show. I love you.”

“I love you, brother,” the governor replied.

The two have added a touch of levity to their segments in recent months, throwing barbs during broadcasts of “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Over the weekend, Andrew Cuomo invited his mom to appear via video link at a press briefing and couldn’t help but reignite the sibling rivalry. He teased that he was the “favorite” son in a hilarious Mother’s Day social media post.

Despite their sometimes ruthless teasing, the brothers always revert to a place of love. When Chris Cuomo tested positive for COVID-19, the governor gave a heartfelt update about his “best friend,” saying it was “frightening on a fundamental level” that he’d been infected.

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