Calls Grow For Marjorie Taylor Greene To Be Expelled From Congress


Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) said that Marjorie Taylor Greene had violated the constitution by supporting the overthrow of the government and should not be seated in Congress.

Rep. Pascrell tweeted:

Rep. Pascrell is correct. Rep. Greene is an insurrectionist who claimed that she was only kidding and being sarcastic about overthrowing the government, but her comments suggest that if given the opportunity, Rep. Greene will participate in any effort to overthrow the government if President Biden wins in 2024.

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Greene should be expelled from Congress. The House should refuse to seat her. The congresswoman from Georgia is desperate to see Kevin McCarthy become the next Speaker of the House because McCarthy cut a deal that will increase her power in the next Congress.

Rep. Greene should not be in Congress. Elevating her increases the level of national security threat that she poses to the nation.

Kevin McCarthy has emboldened Marjorie Taylor Greene, and now it is up to the majority of Americans to stop her.

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