Bull scratches ‘itchy bum’ on utility pole, knocks out power to 800 homes


A bull with an “itchy bum” in Scotland cut power to 800 homes when he tried to scratch his behind on an electricity pole, according to a report.

Four-year-old Ron, a limousin bull, knocked down a transformer when rubbed his rump on the pole last Thursday — narrowly avoided the box as it fell and steer-ing clear of an 11,000-volt shock from the tumbling cables, the BBC reported.

But three towns in South Lanarkshire were left without juice.

When owner Hazel Laughton and her husband Greg came upon the damage at around 10 p.m. she said Ron walked up to them sheepishly.

“He just looked a bit stunned,” she told the outlet.

A local utility company was able to restore power a few hours after the incident.

Laughton tried to apologize to her neighbors on a Facebook group page, writing: “He had an itchy bum so scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer off.”

“He’s just happy to be alive this morning after somehow escaping 11,000 volts and a large bump on the head!” Laughton wrote, jokingly adding that she was considering renaming Ron “Sparky.”

Luckily, her neighbors took the incident in their stride, with several writing that they were glad the bovine was OK.

It’s not unusual for bulls who still have their winter coats on to seek a good scratch, Laughton said.

“They are always itchy when they go out. Ron weighs over a ton so he has been rubbing and pushing against this pole and just knocked it off,” she said.

“We have seen them shake the wires before when they do it but for the box to come off is completely new.”

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