Buffalo slammed by snow ahead of Bills-Dolphins game


Football in a winter wonderland.

The Dolphins are playing the Bills in Buffalo on Saturday night, and the region has been getting snow dumped on it.

The National Weather Service is projecting between 10 and 16 inches of snow in the region.

Patrick Hammer, the chief meteorologist at WGRZ, the NBC affiliate in Buffalo, shared images outside Highmark Stadium showing it to be quite the scene on Saturday morning.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen is actually not the biggest fan of snow.

“Playing in December in Buffalo is not the easiest task to do,” he told reporters earlier this week.

A Bills fan enjoys the snow in 2017.
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Nonetheless, he recognizes it’s a home field advantage for his team. “But it’s cold for them and it’s cold for us,” Allen said. “We get to practice in it. That’s one advantage that we get, and it’s something that we’ve played in before. So, we have to use it.”

Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Dolphins, was unfazed. “It could be snowing. It could rain. I don’t know. I think for me at least, I can speak for myself, it’s a mindset thing,” he said.

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel has been similarly even keel. He wore a shirt at practice earlier this week that read, “I wish it were colder.”

The Buffalo Bills' Highmark Stadium in a snowstorm.
The Buffalo Bills’ Highmark Stadium in a snowstorm.
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The game is significant in the AFC playoff picture. The Bills, at 10-3, are tied with the Chiefs for the best record in the conference in the race for a first-round bye. The Dolphins, at 8-5, still have an outside shot at the division — and also are not yet guaranteed a postseason spot should they suffer a late-season swoon.

The Bills are favored by seven points and the over-under is 43.

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