British Prankster Ruthlessly Trolls KKK Leader In Bonkers ‘BBC’ Interview


A British YouTube prankster met up with a notorious KKK leader ― then quickly pulled one of the oldest tricks in the book on him.

And it worked like a charm.

Niko Omilana traveled to Harrison, Arkansas, reputedly one of the most racist towns in America. Instead, he found many people resented that perception, saying it was largely due to KKK leader Thomas Robb, who lives nearby, but not necessarily a reflection on the rest of the community.

So with the help of some locals, Omilana set out to find and interview Robb, claiming he was from the BBC.

Not only did “BBC” have an entirely different ― and very X-rated ― meaning in this case, but Robb was also duped into some “Simpsons” style humor as Omilana got him to repeat names with double meanings.

The entire segment is below, but if you’d like to skip right to the trolling scroll ahead to 21:47:

In an apparent coincidence, Omilana briefly ran into fellow YouTuber JiDion, who was also in Harrison to see if the reputation was true, although the two didn’t seem to recognize each other.

JiDion had a similar largely positive experience within the community ― and then tried to arrange his own interview with Robb, but didn’t get quite as far:

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