Brendan Fraser Names The Late Yankees Icon Who Yelled Expletives On His Film Set


Actor Brendan Fraser can’t forget a not-safe-for-work encounter he and a movie crew had with late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in the ’90s.

Fraser, who has been making the press rounds for his recent movie “The Whale,” reflected on his movie “The Scout” during an interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

“The Mummy” actor said he watched the iconic owner, known as “The Boss,” lose it as the crew on the set of his 1994 movie “The Scout” filmed at the old Yankee Stadium.

“George Steinbrenner, it was his house… I can remember shooting a contract-signing scene and someone started shouting profanity and it’s George Steinbrenner and he’s shouting down between third and home plate going ‘Get that shit off of my infield,’” Fraser said.

“And these guys are freaking out because they’re dragging cables across the grass and he’s like… he was not happy about it at all. Not happy about it, had to go calm him down but he had a point.”

Fraser, who plays the fictional Yankees pitcher Steve Nebraska in “The Scout,” also told Kimmel that he filmed the movie during the 1994-95 Major League Baseball strike and players ribbed him that he was the “only guy getting paid to wear the pinstripes” that year.

You can watch more of Fraser’s interview with Kimmel below.

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