Both North Carolina And Georgia Moved To Tilt Democratic As Democrats Urged To Vote


The news is even worse for Trump in Georgia and North Carolina as both states have been changed to tilt Democratic.

Inside Elections has moved both Georgia and North Carolina to tilt Democratic:

Of the two states, Biden winning Georgia would be the bigger surprise. Georgia has consistently been a tight race. Of the last nine polls of Georgia, there have been five Biden leads, two Trump leads, and two ties, so the state is almost a dead heat.

The situation is a bit different in North Carolina. Biden has led seven of the last eleven polls with two ties, and the only Trump leads coming in two Republican polls.

The lesson for Democrats is that they have a unique opportunity in front of them that can only become reality if they get out and vote. One of the blessings of 2016 is that Democrats know what they are up against and how hard they will have to fight until every vote is counted and a winner is declared.

No state should be ignored.

Trump has trouble brewing in the South, and voting is how Democrats can capitalize on it.

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