Biden Leads Wisconsin As Trump Is Collapsing Coast To Coast


Trump is in the midst of a collapse that goes from sea to shining sea as Wisconsin is the latest state where Joe Biden is leading.

According to the new Marquette University Law School Poll:

Here is why Biden is leading:

In Wisconsin, 459,000 white men without a college degree did not vote in 2016. Trump won the state by 22,748 votes. Trump won white male voters without a college degree by 50 points over Hillary Clinton. In Wisconsin, he leads Joe Biden by 32 points.

Former Vice President Biden doesn’t need to win a white male or non-college educated. He just needs to cut into Trump’s margin enough to give Democrats a chance to take back Wisconsin.

Trump is collapsing across the country. Partially, it is due to his response to the pandemic, but a more structural reason is Trump’s stubborn refusal to expand his base of support. Trump has done nothing to bring more voters into his column. He is counting on running the same campaign as 2016, but as the Marquette Law School Poll revealed, even the slightest shift among Trump voters could cost him Wisconsin and the presidency.

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