Biden Education Secretary Says Teacher Vaccinations Are His Top Priority


Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said at an event with First Lady Jill Biden that vaccinating teachers is his top priority.

According to the White House First Lady Pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

We must continue to reopen America’s schools for in-person learning as quickly and as safely as possible. The president recognizes this, which is why he took bold action yesterday to get teachers and school staff vaccinated quickly.

He added: “As secretary of education, that is my top priority.” Teachers in the room applauded.

The Biden administration has two big early main goals. They want to get Americans vaccinated and pass the stimulus.

The change in tone compared to the previous administration, which spent all of its time bullying schools into reopening or staying open because it would benefit them politically is stark. The Biden administration also wants schools to reopen or open at full capacity as soon as possible, but they are stressing safety.

Teacher vaccinations are an important issue in terms of the country being able to return to normal. Secretary Cardona has a big job ahead of him after the mess that Betsy DeVos left behind, but the safe schools and teacher vaccinations have to be at the top of his list so that America’s kids can start to catch up after a lost educational year.

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Photo via: First Lady Pool Reporter Katie Rogers of The New York Times (Twitter)

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