Bear tries to bust into Colorado home through front door: video


A Colorado homeowner filmed the frightening moment a bear opened his front door and tried to get inside.

The video, taken in the northern Colorado city of Steamboat Springs, shows two young black bear cubs walking around outside the home, according to TMX News.

One of the bears walks towards the house, stands up on its hind legs and pulls open the storm door, video shows.

The homeowner, filming inside from a window, loudly bangs on the pane to scare the bear off.

The bear glances in the homeowner’s direction, then walks away from the home.

Another curious smaller bear then approached the door before wandering away, video shows.

The video then cuts to the two cubs outside with their much bigger mother.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, black bear interactions with humans have become increasingly common as they are pushed out of the natural habitats.

black bear
Black bear interactions are becoming more common as they are pushed out of their natural habitats.

bear opening door
The bear pulled open a storm door before the homeowner scared him off.

 “With many more people living and playing in bear country, human-bear encounters are on the rise,” the agency said.

CPW warned against feeding bears and advised to keep clean up any food that could attract bears, including burning off barbecue grills after being used.

“If a bear comes near your home, do your best to chase it away,” the agency added. “Yell, blow a whistle, clap your hands, and make other loud noises. But never approach a bear.”

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