Barr Humiliates Himself By Dropping Criminal Case Against Mike Flynn


Trump’s former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn pled guilty to lying to FBI, but Attorney General Barr has dropped the criminal case against him.

The DOJ is dropping the criminal case against Mike Flynn:

All of the establishment people who vouched for William Barr and said that he was institutionalist who would put the Department of Justice first look like idiots now.

Barr is nothing more than Trump’s DOJ manservant. Barr should be humiliated by the dismissal of the criminal case against Flynn after Flynn pled guilty to the charges.

The country is fighting a pandemic and through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, but Donald Trump and his lackey attorney general are trying to make the Russia scandal go away. Gen. Flynn lied to the FBI and admitted it in court.

Any other attorney general would have taken the conviction, but not Barr.
William Barr is a disgrace to the Department of Justice and an embarrassment to the concept of justice in the United States of America.

The Attorney General needs to be investigated, with an eye towards impeachment before even more damage can be done.

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