Attorney Dresses As ‘Grim Reaper’ To Protest Opening Of Florida Beaches


A Florida attorney is so dead set against opening the state’s beaches too soon that he’s willing to dress as the Grim Reaper to make his point.

Daniel W. Uhlfelder, a lawyer in Walton County, showed up at Miramar Beach on Friday to protest the decision for Gov. Ron DeSantis to open up beaches even though the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet contained.

Uhlfelder wasn’t dressed in a suit or even swim trunks. Instead, he was wearing a grim reaper costume, even when he was interviewed by a reporter for local station WMBB.

“I think it’s premature that we open our beaches,” Uhlfelder said in the video above. “I think the danger of bringing all the people here to our area and spreading the virus [is] going to prolong the recovery we have, and I think that we should take better measures.”

Uhlfelder then spent the rest of his beach day casually reminding his fellow Floridians of the risk they were taking with their lives.

Uhlfelder’s killer Grim Reaper impression is scaring up a lot of publicity, but he would rather just scare people off the beaches for now.

“If this can get one person to take this more seriously, then I feel I’ve done what I can,” he said, according to WMBB-TV.

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