At Least We Have This Impression Of Britney Spears On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Things may be bad, but we’ll always have Britney Spears.

The singer has had quite the week in between accidentally burning down her home gym and her album “Glory” hitting the top spot on the iTunes charts years after it was released. You know, typical pop icon behavior! 

So it was only natural that Spears’ recent antics would become fodder for the “Saturday Night Live” season finale over the weekend when the late-night sketch show returned for its third and final “at home” special.

During a parody ad for Masterclass Quarantine Edition, Chloe Fineman donned Spears’ signature messy ponytail, overenthusiastic eye makeup and closet of crop tops in one of her most fine-tuned impressions to date.

“I’ve been quarantined for five years now and that’s OK, because all my favorite stuff is here,” Fineman’s Spears says in the clip with the comedian nailing the uniquely Britney twitches and head tilts.

“Oops I burned my gym down,” she sings, “so now I exercise outside! When I’m looking for a creative outlet, sometimes I’ll paint sometimes I’ll pose. And I’m skinny as a needle!”

While it’s never clear what exactly Spears is teaching, she did offer up some ever-so-helpful wisdom to potential students braving the coronavirus pandemic.

“The thing that helps me most in quarantine is being rich,” Spears adds. “During this time of corona disease, we have to stay safe. My prayer is with you. I’m Britney Spears, and this is my master school.”

While Spears was the highlight, Fineman also blessed us her impression of “Fleabag” creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge to teach fans the joys of journaling, while Melissa Villasenor showcased her version of John Mulaney for a Masterclass on “suits.”

The real Britney Spears has yet to make any further comment on her penchant for fire-starting, but, rest assured, she got back to posting four identical photos of herself on Instagram in no time. 

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