Another Republican Propagandist Bites The Dust As Twitter Permanently Suspends James O’Keefe


Twitter has permanently suspended James O’Keefe for running multiple fake accounts as another source of Republican disinformation has been kicked off of social media.

Twitter explained that O’Keefe was running multiple fake accounts and using those accounts to disrupt conversations, “As outlined in our policy on platform manipulation and spam, ‘You can’t mislead others on Twitter by operating fake accounts,’ and ‘you can’t artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.’

O’Keefe responded by threatening to sue Twitter for defamation, “I am suing Twitter for defamation because they said, I, James O’Keefe, ‘operated fake accounts.’ This is false, this is defamatory, and they will pay. Section 230 may have protected them before, but it will not protect them from me. The complaint will be filed Monday.”

Twitter would not have kicked O’Keefe off of the platform if they didn’t have evidence that he was running multiple fake accounts. O’Keefe used some careful wording in his statement as if to denote that he personally wasn’t running the fake accounts, but he didn’t deny that the fake accounts existed, just that he personally wasn’t running them.

One by one the purveyors of right-wing lies and disinformation are being kicked off of Twiter for violating the rules. Republicans will claim that Twitter is kicking off conservatives, which is not true. There are millions upon millions of conservatives on Twitter who don’t cheat and break the rules. By the way, liberals who cheat and break the rules also get kicked off of Twitter, but Republicans aren’t interested in that because it doesn’t fit their biased social media fantasy.

O’Keefe is gone from Twitter. He will likely get his hot minute of conservative martyrdom, but it is unlikely that he will ever get his Twitter account back.

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