Anderson Cooper: ‘Have You Ever Heard Someone Whine As Much’ As Donald Trump?


“For a man who seems to have strength and power, have you heard someone as allegedly powerful and strong as he claims to be, have you ever heard someone whine as much as this man?” asked the host of CNN’’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

The news anchor also took Trump to task over his claim, in the same sit-down chat, that the contagion is “under control, as much as you can control it.”

“Mr. President. No, it is not,” said Cooper. “It is not under control and certainly not as much as you can control it.”

“An entire block of your voters think that mask mandates are an affront to personal freedom. And this president has encouraged that thinking,” he continued, adding: “If it was anybody other than the president of the United States doing that, you would think that’s criminal.”

Check out Cooper’s monologue here:

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