Alyssa Farah Griffin shades Kardashians’ ‘look’ on ‘The View’


Alyssa Farah Griffin is afraid “her generation” tries too hard to keep up with the Kardashians’ standards of beauty.

While discussing Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Griffin threw some sly shade at the famous family and its impact on society.

All of the co-hosts agreed that Stewart may have had some tune-ups from a dermatologist now and then — not to mention the homemaker’s expensive habit of weekly facials — before Griffin claimed that she loved that the 81-year-old looks like herself.

“I get a little sad with my generation of women because they are all trying to adapt to the current beauty thing. So it’s like we’re going to get the big fillers, the giant lips.”

She continued: “Look like yourself. There’s only one you. There’s already Kardashians,” she said to an audience member’s chuckle. “You don’t need to look like one.”

Griffin then turned to the audience and said that the family is beautiful.

Alyssa Farah Griffin on "The View"
Alyssa Farah Griffin swore her comment wasn’t a “dig” at the Kardashians.
The View / ABC

“No dig at them. They’re beautiful,” she backtracked. “But this is a testament to self-love. She looks amazing.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Joy Behar recalled asking Stewart how she would use the restroom while wearing a swimsuit.

The Post has contacted a rep for Griffin and the Kardashians for comment.

Griffin praised Martha Stewart for looking "like herself" on her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.
Griffin praised Martha Stewart for looking “like herself” on her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.
Sports Illustrated

The KarJenners have long been influential in setting beauty standards — though that could be coming to an end.

They’ve recently been accused of trading in their once-signature curves for a slimmer Ozempic-like look.

While Khloé Kardashian has denied using the weight-loss drug, fans have commented about the seemingly constant change of her face shape.

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner pose for a photo.
The family has long been influential in setting beauty standards.
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The View' host Alyssa Farah Griffin shades Kardashians' appeal: 'You don't need to look like one'
Kim and Khloé Kardashian have both slimmed down in recent times.
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

The Good American co-founder has only admitted to a nose job and will discuss her melanoma scare on Season 3 of “The Kardashians.”

Kylie Jenner famously denied getting lip filler for years and instead claimed that her signature pout could be created by over-lining her lips. The claim helped make the Kylie Cosmetics founder a billionaire.

However, Jenner did allude to addressing her family’s role in setting beauty standards in a trailer for “The Kardashians,” which premieres on Hulu May 25.

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